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About Us

     Bethlehem Community Center, Inc. builds our reputation on building a vital Christian fellowship across lines which tend to divide us. Our commitment to the community is an effective part of our guiding principles. We offer a program that contributes to the child's individual developments and to the enrichment of his relationship with his/her parents and peers. 

     Bethlehem encourages children to feel secure and feel successful about learning. We promote learning through play while building social skills that promote problem solving. Bethlehem Community Center, Inc. allows children to express themselves creatively using language, are and music. 

     Our goal is the development of the child into a well-adjusted individual that promotes academic success for every child. Our dedicated and specially trained teachers offer a safe and age appropriate classroom that promotes learning. 

Bethlehem has chosen to use "Creative Curriculum" as our teaching resource for all classrooms. Creative Curriculum is a high-quality curriculum that integrates assessments and professional development that creates a program that promotes the core areas of study. Each classroom offers assessments and portfolios throughout the year which will be offered to you for review during our parent conferences. A learning environment is established by the teacher that allows the child to expand that environment which expands the child's knowledge. 

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