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Four Year Old Program

      Our Pre-K program teaches foundational literacy and math skills. Children continue to learn letter-sound relationships, and simple math.  Each of our preschool classrooms are carefully planned learning environments that are organized to give children a choice of activity. Children will be able to rotate through various learning and role play centers throughout the day. Our staff are trained to seek out the teachable moments. 


      Each preschool classroom have daily activities and a lesson plans that reflect the children's interest and skills. Students begin and end each day joined together in a circle. Circle time is spent discussing and reflecting on the day's activities, music, and story telling. This is the children's time to express their personal interest and share their experiences with their classmates. 


      At Bethlehem Child Care we realize that the first years of life is a time that sets the stage for all the years of future development.  Students graduating from Bethlehem are better prepared to begin their journey into primary education. 

Permission To Administer Medication

Parent Authorization must be provided for our staff to administer any over the counter or prescription medications. Items must be provided in its original container and labeled clearly with the child's name.

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