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Infant and Toddler Program

        Infants can be enrolled in Bethlehem CC at 6 weeks of age.  Our infant staff and rooms are warm and welcoming to make our new students and families feel at home. Our teachers follow your infants daily feeding and sleep schedule.  Parents can provide their infant with breast milk or formula and baby food of their choice or use the brands provided by the preschool. 


        In addition to holding and cuddling with your infant, our teachers are always interacting and talking with them to encourage their mental and physical development. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and work on developing their gross motor skills.


        As your infant grows into a toddler they begin more structured activities in the classroom, such as circle time and learning centers. Toddlers learn to drink from an open face cup and sleep on a cot.  Your child will begin singing songs, learn shapes and colors, and build a vocabulary.  Toddlers have many opportunities to explore their world and learn social interaction within the classrooms and on the playground. 

Safe Sleep Policy

*Infant and Toddler Safe Sleep Policy 

Bethlehem CC adheres to the Safe Sleep policy required by the Division of Child Development.  Please review a copy of the Safe Sleep Policy below.

Permission to Administer Medicine Form

Parent Authorization must be provided for our staff to adminster any over the counter or prescription medications. Items must be proviced in its original container and labeled clearly with the child's name.

Parents are required to fill out new feeding schedules for children who are 15 months or younger by the first of each month.  Please provide the form below to your classroom teacher.

Infant Feeding Schedule

*Required for children 15montsh and younger

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